Sunday, November 25, 2007

Latest thoughts on our plans

We're thinking that we'll "land" within the time frame of the last week of January to the first two weeks of February (2008). For the actual Big Move, we're looking at April or July, leaning a bit toward the latter. There's more going on here in Seattle for us than expected, so I'm grateful that there's some flexibility in when we actually move. We are anxious to get the landing over with so that clock is not ticking loudly (has to be done by June 7 for us I believe).

We're still trying to decide how we'll actually accomplish the move. We'd like to get "professional" movers to load the truck but then have a friend take it (and us) across the border. We could either unload the truck with paid help on the other end or do it ourselves. Then our friend would take the truck back to the U.S. Yes, I know there are day-laborers one can hire, but I want people that are experienced and know how to pack a moving truck correctly. I don't want to have to supervise the loading (in detail).

The above is a compromise between having it all done professionally, which troubles us because of the border-crossing issue and the stories we've heard about getting stuff out of customs, and doing it all ourselves in which we don't feel very secure. This compromise allows us to stay with our belongings as we cross the border. We still don't know if what we want is even possible; we need to do more research.

I sway in and out of being excited and being anxious. Right now, there's a lot of non-Canada stuff going on and it's kind of taking the wind out of the sails. But soon enough we'll be on our voyage to a new home along with our hopes and dreams.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

We're All In

Late, as usual, to the party ... but I still want to acknowledge with joy that the guys from "Moving to Vancouver" have been accepted for permanent residency. Mazel tov! You guys have been so patient and I'm sure it's been hard to wait and be "last."

This means that all the families in our larger family/community (please see blogs listed at right) are either in Canada or on our way.


When I first started this process, L-girl was counting down the days to the move to Canada. (That is, she had already been accepted and was good to go.) Since then, I've followed the news as each one/two/three (plus canines and felines) of us has moved along. We've laughed, we've cried, we've thrown up our hands in frustration and in celebration.

It sounds a cliche, it sounds trite, but I couldn't have done it without you. And I hope you know it's true when I say that I've come to respect and appreciate you all.

I wonder when we all might be able to meet in person and toast to our renewed lives in Canada.

To any newbies that might find their way to reading this: I created this blog not only to keep a diary of our immigration process and keep our "family" informed, but to also possibly be of help to others who would follow us. If you have questions, please ask.

Saturday, November 03, 2007